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Everything we make available is beneficial to the mind, body and soul. 
Our Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs, and our Body Wash has absolutely no chemicals at all. Take a bottle of lotion, body wash, bar soap or deodorant and read the ingredients out loud. Google them and what they are also used for.
We learned that all those ingredients we can't pronounce are harmful to the skin and eventually to the body and mind because our skin is the largest organ and absorbs EVERYTHING! Over time the build up of all that poison causes health issues physically and mentally because it's traveling all through you.
We wear natural deodorant with 3 maybe 4 ingredients that are not harmful considering your under arms are also very sensitive and absorbs toxic poison daily with regular deodorant. Putting that on children is extremely harmful as well. No scented Body washes and bar soaps unless we make them with scented oils that smell even better than those 19 chemicals in one little bottle.
All those lotions that smell so good are filled with poison being rubbed all over your body and children's body daily, Not good. It's been 7 years since we made the switch to Natural ingredients and it's such an accomplishment considering all the pressure from learned behaviors and really sticking to what you know is factual. Think about it and research for yourself the dangers of skin care. You will be blown away!


8oz jars

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